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Practical, short,
and forward-looking

Mobility Business Institute means free courses taken online and then an internship in a structured, high-level company.

Mobility Business Institute

Why enrol
on our courses?

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Learn & Do
First learn and put it into practice.
Our courses are theoretical and practical: the training modules are supplemented and developed with experimentation and practice in exercises and workshops.
In-depth & Online

These courses are full of additional skills: such as English and a second language of your choice, with which you can move and work anywhere. The courses are online: you can follow the training directly from home or wherever you want, from your PC, smartphone, tablet or any device.

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Do & Learn
Then put it into practice and learn.
After just one month of free training, you will be able to put your skills into practice and learn from field experience with 4 weeks of internships in sales branches, in Italy or abroad, to complete your training and be ready for your new job!
Training courses
Job opportunities

The skills you can acquire by attending our courses will help you to grow and work, either at Sixt or anywhere that involves business and customer relations.

All the programmes include a course in business English and in a second language of your choice.
The training month is free of charge and the paid internship has a real chance of evolving into stable employment contracts. 

We are independent, but with a large group behind us: Sixt rent a car, founded by Martin Sixt in 1912.

You will discover that the field we suggest you explore – the professional car rental world – is a valuable business opportunity that is unknown to most people.

We are always looking
for great talent.

Jr Rental Sales Agent

Jr Rental Sales Agent

Jr Rental Sales Agents help people choose the products and services that are best suited to their needs.
Rental Sales Agent

Rental Sales Agent

Rental Sales Agents help people choose the products and services that are best suited to their needs. These figures are responsible for the entire customer experience process.


Supervisors support Branch Managers in managing and coordinating the other people working in the branch.
Branch Manager

Branch Manager

Branch Managers are responsible for one or more branches: they manage and coordinate their operation in every respect.
“We can wait for something to happen, or we can start to be part of a team that grows every day."

- Massimiliano Maini -

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